This Trendy Retailer Could Make Us A Big Gain

I recently spent a weekend back home in Philly for my birthday.

Afterwards, I couldn’t stop thinking about Urban Outfitters (Nasdaq: URBN). This trendy clothing, furniture, decor and (now) makeup store — born in the city of brotherly love — is set for another breakout as it continues to fire on all cylinders.

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Urban Outfitters has been a game-changer for most of its existence, riding the waves of fashion trends and making its own splash with its kitschy d├ęcor, gag t-shirts, throwback styles of clothing, and much more.

#-ad_banner-#Urban has come a long way from its single-store location on a college campus in Philly back in the ’70s and has grown to include brands like Anthropologie, Free People and even The Vetri Family group of restaurants — a Philly fave. (I know it seems odd for a clothing store to also manage restaurants, but it works.) Its new strategies and online campaigns are doing well — and I think there’s much more positives on the horizon.

Over the years managing Profit Amplifier, I’ve called several major shifts in the company’s stock, from one of its biggest rallies to a meltdown just a few years ago.

In other words, I know how to read Urban’s pulse.

When I look at URBN today, I see a stock that offers a considerable amount of value. Following a rough patch from 2015 through 2017, the company has finally managed to get things back on track: Q1 2018 was the first quarter of positive store comps (sales) in four years, and Q2 brought continued exceptional growth and a 93% year-over-year jump in earnings per share (EPS).

But the bigger story here is not what URBN has already done, but the continued growth that I see in its future. Wall Street likes its strategy, evidenced by analysts’ increasing bullishness in September as shares approached multi-year highs.

And while the consensus target for the stock is over $50, I still believe that many are offering conservative targets, especially as momentum builds into the holiday spending season.

Shares are currently trading around $44.50, about 17% off from their recent highs above $52, I see the dip as a buying opportunity to ride the stock back up to $50. Mad Money’s Jim Cramer agrees.

My algorithms also show a high likelihood of an earnings beat when URBN reports Q3 earnings, which are scheduled to be announced on November 19.

In an effort to get this trade out quickly, I’ve kept my analysis brief and plan to cover more details in a follow-up issue of Profit Amplifier. For now, I want us to be positioned in the stock for the upcoming historically strong season.

How I’m Trading URBN
Given all of the factors I’ve just mentioned, most investors would simply buy the stock at these levels and hope for an uptick back to $50. With shares trading around $44.50, that would be good for a 12.4% gain.

But my Profit Amplifier subscribers and I have a better plan…

Using my proven strategy to amplify the small moves of stock prices into big-time gains, we could make as much as 57.9% from just a 12.4% move in the stock.

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