My Shocking Prediction: 2015 Could Mark The End Of Oil

Let’s be realistic. You’re NOT going to get rich in a hurry by investing in mainstream blue-chip stocks. The S&P 500 is a handy benchmark and a good proxy for the U.S. economy, but it’s not going to make anyone rich unless you have decades to invest.

#-ad_banner-#If you want to truly soar above the market, you have to dedicate at least part of your portfolio to serious big-game hunting.

With that in mind, my team and I just released a report on my boldest predictions for 2015. These are ideas that you won’t hear about in the mainstream financial press until it’s too late.

In the past, my previous predictions have made thousands of dollars for subscribers of my newsletter, Game-Changing Stocks.

For example, in 2009 we told our readers to expect a big move in nanotechnology. We said, “This is an opportunity of enormous proportions.” Our nanotech pick shot up 293%. My prediction for 2010 we called the “best sci-fi speculation of the year.” The powerful technology called RFID would be the root cause of our three stock picks soaring 42%… 89%… and 310%, a year after being featured in my list.

And last year I predicted there would be a “sea change” in mobile payments. I recommended one little stock that clearly had the competitive advantage in this space… in short 8 months the stock returned 85%.

Here’s a brief look at a few of the triple-digit winners…

Of course, there’s no guarantee that my new forecasts will be as profitable as my earlier ones. And not every one of them will come to fruition.

But my ideas for 2015 are some of the most exciting to date. In fact, I expect this next set of predictions to be the most lucrative yet…

Let me explain…

I spend countless hours uncovering hidden opportunities that I doubt you’ll hear about anywhere else. And what I’ve discovered this year is simply astonishing.

My latest prediction has to do with a new breakthrough technology that could affect every single American… and dramatically change how we travel. This technology will unleash an alternative to oil. And no I’m not talking about natural gas, electric cars or even solar power.

I’m talking about algae.

Most people have no idea that algae can be turned into oil. In fact, in some cases it’s so much like oil that it can be processed in existing refineries with little or no retrofitting. Oil giants Exxon Mobil and Chevron have been secretly researching the power of algae for years… and algae-based bio-fuel could be available as early as 2015.

The potential for algae is simply mind-blowing.

It can be grown and harvested year-around, it grows like a noxious weed — doubling itself in as little as 3.5 hours — and unlike other biomass crops it uses hardly any water. Not to mention it only needs two things to grow — sunlight, which is abundant and free, and CO2, which the world is dying to get rid of. As far as emissions go, the only byproduct is pure oxygen.

We’re talking about no need for fracking, no more massive oil spills in the ocean and no more dependence on imported oil — simply the growth and refining of algae.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, oil giants like Exxon and Chevron have been quietly exploring algae for a while now. They, however, aren’t the best way to invest in this game-changing trend.

But one little-known company I’ve discovered has the potential to capture massive gains in this sector. Out of fairness to my paid subscribers, I can’t reveal its name to you today. What I can tell you is that when I first started tracking this company it traded for a measly 35 cents — now it’s near $1.75 a share and I believe it’s just getting started.

The reason I like this company so much is because it’s one of the industry “tool” makers, meaning it produces and develops some of the key ingredients that the industry’s major producers will need as they ramp up volume. The company is a leader in the special proteins that refiners need to complete the algae-to-oil process. And it has partnered with some of the largest alternative fuel providers on the planet.

The company has positioned itself to reap huge rewards, and provide early investors with triple-digit upside, as this budding industry begins to emerge and provide an alternative to oil.

If you’re interested in learning more about this game-changing company and the exciting technology it’s using as well as ten other companies that have the potential for triple-digit growth, you’ll find it all and more in my latest report “The Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2015.”