The Game-Changing Firm Up 90% With More To Come

I hate to say this, but as an investor the deck is stacked against you.

There are literally tens of thousands of investments out there for you to choose between, each with their own market capitalization, earnings multiple, dividend yield and a whole host of other facts that dictate how they might perform.

And given the set of infinite potential outcomes, the odds of successful investment sustained over time are likewise infinitesimal.

Luckily though, my Game-Changing Stocks strategy can reverse the odds dramatically in your favor. In fact, it’s as close to a sure thing as anything I’ve ever seen.

“Now, Andy,” I can just hear you respond, “of course you’d say that. It’s your strategy.”

#-ad_banner-#But the truth is, the Game-Changing Stocks strategy isn’t really “mine.” It’s based on the work of an Italian mathematician named Vilfredo Pareto, who posited that 20% of all effort will yield 80% of the results.

That’s why I preach letting 20% of your portfolio do the heavy lifting and capture all the big gains, while the remaining 80% sits in solid blue-chip investments earning you a highly predictable return. (I recently detailed how to set up the other 80%, here.)

When you look at the numbers, it’s not hard to see why this strategy is powerful.

Say for example you had a $100,000 portfolio invested fully in the S&P 500. The average one-year return from 2004 through 2013 for the S&P 500 was a measly 5%.

That means after ten years — with compounding interest — your portfolio would have been worth $163,000.

Not bad. But when you add in the potential for just a few big winners things change dramatically.

Say you instead invested 20% of your $100,000 portfolio — or $20,000 — in a collection of “game-changing” picks with the potential to skyrocket.

If that smaller portion of your portfolio averaged 25% a year, then that $20,000 investment would grow into just over $186,000 in ten years.

Add in the return from the other 80% of your portfolio — which by itself would have grown to just over $130,000 — and you’ve got a pretty nice nest egg of about $316,000. That’s nearly two times more than what you would have had if you didn’t use my Game-Changing Stocks strategy

While portfolio allocation is certainly important, the biggest key to earning these types of market-beating returns, however, is making sure you find the right under-the-radar firms to invest in.

And today I’ve found one that I feel confident is going to make early investors very rich.

That company is Proofpoint, Inc. (Nasdaq: PFPT), an internet-security firm that offers threat protection and secure communication solutions worldwide.

The firm currently sports a relatively small $2.4 billion market cap. But with a cybersecurity industry that’s expected to grow 63% over the next five years — up to $156 billion by 2019 — PFPT is at the forefront of an enormous opportunity.

The company has been a leader in blocking email-borne cyberattacks for over a decade now. This is important to note because 95% of all targeted cyberattacks begin with an email requesting recipients to download malicious software.

That means the firm has direct access to the “largest avenue of attacks in the cyber-crime world.” Like I said, this is an enormous opportunity.

I first came across Proofpoint back in June 2014. And since I recommended it to readers of my premium newsletter Game-Changing Stocks, shares have shown considerable growth, jumping more than 90%.    

Compare that to the meager 9.5% the S&P 500 has returned over the same time period.

“But Andy” I can now hear you asking, “haven’t I already missed out on this stock’s biggest gains?” Not at all.

The cybersecurity industry is poised to see a huge boom in the coming years, and smaller players like Proofpoint have the most to gain, especially if the firm can manage to implement a nice moat around its business.

Naturally, though, PFPT isn’t the only game-changing company I expect to benefit from the coming cybersecurity boom. I’ve found several others with just as much upside.

One firm, for example, works with market giants Coca-Cola, IBM and FedEx to keep their private data safe. And over the last year shares have jumped more than 45%, but it’s only getting started.

You can get the name and ticker symbol of this firm — as well as several others — by checking out my brand new presentation on the powerful cybersecurity industry.

It won’t be long before these stocks explode. So you might want to hurry before it really is too late, and you’ve missed out on some life-changing returns.

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