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“If you grow it, biofuel will come,” isn’t much of a slogan. So let me be blunt: Biofuel is important because we need it. My current prediction: Oil prices will hold fast and end 2011 above $100, and this will keep biofuel an important ongoing business and… Read More

#-ad_banner-#Years ago, when my cousin Andrea was in law school, she and my dad were talking about the “hottest” area in the law — water rights. This was probably 15 years ago and today Andrea is one of the nation’s leading experts on the death penalty. Dad and I were… Read More

Big Oil is accustomed to a high return on investment (ROI). It makes some sense. After all, it costs millions to drill a conventional oil well and hundreds of millions to drill offshore, with no guarantees. With that in mind, it would be foolish… Read More