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“There’s no question that the earth is going to run out of oil within the next 10 years”, read the Peak Oil investment pitch that came across my desk. Citing a variety of scientists and academics, it appeared that these guys really did their homework when preparing the presentation.  It… Read More

I’ll never forget trading during the Internet boom of the late 1990s. Internet-related stocks would sometimes jump two or more points at a time, from tick to tick, as crazed investors just poured money into the latest big thing. Even stocks with no revenue and a questionable business plan would… Read More

What do Larry Ellison, Sean Combs, Ted Turner, Bono and Saudi Prince Alwaleed have in common with thousands of other very wealthy people? It certainly isn’t their style of dress, philosophy or even how they made their money.  In fact, these folks couldn’t be more different in terms of just… Read More