Value Investing

Not sure how to best judge the dividend safety of an investment? Let Standard & Poor’s do it for you. “AAA” credit ratings are hard to come by. The S&P sets the bar extraordinarily high for its top tier. These are the elite of… Read More

Bill Gates owns about 700 million shares of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) — 713.1 million to be exact. His cache of Microsoft stock is worth a tidy $18.7 billion. Every time the price of Microsoft moves up a penny, Gates’ wealth grows by $7.1 million. Read More

“Stupid.” That’s what Buffett’s right-hand man Charlie Munger had to say about not investing in railroads sooner. That was two years ago. Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) now has a stake in three of the four major railroads in the United States. But he is so fond of one, he owns… Read More

It’s no secret that investors place a premium on lofty margins. If one business squeezes $0.15 in earnings from each dollar in sales and another manages just $0.10, the first company clearly has a big advantage. But there’s one thing even better than a… Read More

You could find a boring stock with a solid, dependable dividend. No problem. Or you might want to take your chances with some high-flying, hotshot growth company. Plenty of them have made lots of money, there’s no doubt about it. But the problem is… Read More

I grew up in a diner. My parents have owned and operated Edelweiss restaurant in Auburn, Calif., for the better part of 30 years. I’m not a restaurant analyst, but I know first-hand how tough the business can be. Studies show one in four restaurants close in… Read More