Here’s Why It’s A Great Time To Be An Investor In America

In today’s society, between social media and the mainstream media, we’ve become addicted to outrage. Too many people take America — and the freedoms we enjoy — for granted.

Sure, this country isn’t perfect, and there is plenty of room for improvement. But if you want to become successful, it’s hard to argue that there’s a better place than the United States.

Unfortunately, that tone about America doesn’t really seem to resonate these days. Instead, it seems that it’s more popular — and garners more “clicks” — to bash our country. If you’re too patriotic, you’re automatically funneled into some political group and labeled an “extremist.”

In fact, I read somewhere that one brewery owner actually took down his American flag because of the stigma that it conjured, not wanting to lose potential customers over it. Unfortunately, this is just one small case among many.

The point is, it’s become unfashionable to talk about the things that make America great. The mainstream media certainly won’t talk about it… So today, I want to spend a little time fixing that by taking a moment to appreciate the incredible opportunity we have as investors to build wealth in this country.

Investing: The Freedom We Take For Granted

Not every human on this planet is so fortunate to have such a wealth-building machine at their fingertips as we do. Think about that for a moment.

Not only can we start or buy a business with relative ease in America, but we can enjoy the fruits and labor of other people’s success via the stock market. Many of us might take for granted that we can hop online, open a brokerage account with as little as $50 and begin investing alongside some of the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet.

Millions of folks don’t have access to this wealth-building marketplace.

Granted, investing in the stock market isn’t a sure thing. There will be ups and downs. Some investments will make us money, while some will lose us money. Too many people want overnight success and become frustrated when they don’t hit a home run on their first pitch.

But we can enjoy some fantastic long-term returns with some patience, good judgement, and a little luck. Consider some of the stocks we own at Capital Wealth Letter, my premium advisory service.

We’re up 218% on Visa (NYSE: V) – compared to the S&P 500’s 97% during that time.

Our investment in the candymaker Hershey is up 162% — compared to the S&P’s 52%.

We have two triple-digit winners in our portfolio by investing in one of Buffett’s personal favorite businesses: insurance (123% and 183%). In about four years, we’ve doubled our money on Google parent Alphabet (Nasdaq: GOOGL).

Closing Thoughts

Here’s the thing… it didn’t take any kind of special genius to find these stocks. In fact, some of them are what I like to call “no-brainer” picks. They’re accessible to everyone. And remember, we didn’t show up to work at any of these American companies. We didn’t have to log into a Zoom meeting or commute anywhere. We haven’t done anything. With a few simple clicks on our computer screen, we have taken part in their success.

It’s truly remarkable when you think about it.

So, while there’s a choir of people who want to harp on America’s shortcomings, I’d rather heed the advice of a 92-year-old mogul whose mantra is “never bet against America.”

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