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High Yield Investing

Corporate America shells out $3.1 billion in dividends every day.

But that’s just the official count. The true payout is actually much higher because dozens of “secret” dividends go unreported each quarter.

Don’t misunderstand me: these extra payments are dished out openly to all shareholders. But they are considered “special,” not ordinary. So they aren’t reflected in the yields you see quoted in the press.

Even most experienced investors don’t realize how many unscheduled dividends go unreported by the media every year. And get this:

These “special payments” are typically 10 times larger than the regular dividend.

Every issue of High-Yield Investing picks the most compelling combination of yield and growth we can find as the “High-Yield Stock of the Month.”

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Maximum Profit

Want stock market hacks that actually work?

What we do may not seem legal. And you may initially have moral reservations about using it. But I want to assure you that everything we do is perfectly legal and fully within the letter of the law.

Fact is, the stock market is rigged in favor of the huge Wall Street banks that run it. But there’s a way you can hack into this system for your own personal benefit.

That’s exactly what we show you in Maximum Profit. We’ve already shown this hack to a small group of investors who’ve already begun to take advantage of its secret. And their results so far have been astounding.

The Daily Paycheck

Imagine… you, cashing a check every day for the rest of your life (such as $51… $83.33… Even $111.10). No Matter WHAT.

This simple, low-risk program has already generated a steady stream of daily cash payments totaling more than $113,922.

Join the 6,568 investors collecting 365 “paychecks” this year! Plus, you’ll immediately get five FREE special reports showing you exactly how to start collecting your own daily dose of extra cash right away.

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Top Stock Advisor

We want to raise the bar for private investors and show them how to create a portfolio sprinkled with triple- even quadruple-digit winners.The kind of portfolio you can retire on, and pass on to your future generations.

Just consider that if you’re invested in blue chips like most investors, you can typically expect your portfolio to grow 7% a year. Over the past ten years, it’s been slightly better than that. And most investors should have seen their portfolios grow an average 12% a year.

But at Top Stock Advisor, we’ve found a way to do much better than that. Mny of our subscribers are reporting gains that work out to hundreds of dollars each day.

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